Peru has taken a path of sustained high economic growth, while it is getting better welfare conditions for its inhabitants. Both processes require a highly efficient public procurement, to facilitate the investment needed for growth and timely delivery of goods, civil works and services required by the community. Peruvian society requires, with full reason, that that system is also transparent and free of corruption.

The country is also engaged in a process of political and administrative decentralization to bring the State to achieve the community and return to it the ability to control. One of the conditions for successful decentralization is to have tools that facilitate regional and local government procurement to help them fulfill their mission effectively, with minimal risk of corruption and yet can be totally and permanently monitored by citizens.

The modernization of public procurement in the raised guidance management, requires a guide for a thorough reform of the entire system. Therefore, the effective date of Supervising Agency of the Government Procurement (OSCE) marks the starting point of this transformation, which also involves a change-oriented new public management approach that promotes the state, which is none other than management for results.
The new Act and Regulations, which came into effect from February 1st, are designed to put the OSCE in the service of public institutions and its citizens, this means a daily task and define our actions: a "Timely Service on Public Procurement”.